An Accredited Training School (ATS) is entitled to deliver specialized Dangerous Goods training based on IATA's standards, manuals and guidelines in a variety of topics, such as: Dangerous Goods Regulations Infectious Substances Shipping Regulations Shipping Medical Radioactive Material Benefits of an ATS Global recognition of IATA’s Accredited Training endorsement by shippers, freight forwarders, airlines and governments


What's inside the DGR?

Applicability - (shipper and operator responsibilities, training, security, incident reporting)
Limitations - (forbidden and hidden goods, storage and transport quantities, transport by post, transport by passengers/crew)
Classification - (explosives, gases, flammable, toxic, oxidizing, radioactive and corrosive and multiple hazard material)
Packing Instructions - (explosives, gases, flammable, toxic, infectious, oxidizing, radioactive and corrosive and multiple hazard material)
Packaging Specifications - (inner, UN, construction and testing, limited quantity)
Documentation - (shipper’s declaration, air waybill)
Handling - (storage, loading, inspection, information provision, reporting, training, document retention)
Radioactive material - (transport, limitations, classification, identification, packing, testing, labelling, documentation, handling)